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When you are looking for a professional security company in Brisbane, you will find there are many companies advertising throughout Queensland, offering to provide various security services to Brisbane companies including mobile patrols, security staffing, business monitoring and crowd control. You need to be aware that not all the security companies in your area can provide you with the level of service that you need.

Most of the large security companies in Brisbane can provide you with complete security solutions for your business or home.

This can include everything from biometric security to major sporting event control. Some of these can provide security guard and dog teams, armed guards, they are fully trained in first aid, experienced electronic security experts and have written testimonials from companies and organisations that you have heard of.
These are the professionals that you should be sourcing. Before choosing any company for security solutions ensure you ask for testimonials and references from names you know or can follow up.

New Security Company And The Implementation of Transition
Upon award of a security contract in Queensland, the security company’s management team should immediately begin performing a security survey at your facility. After completing the survey, they should develop a comprehensive procedures manual which needs to be reviewed with client management for approval.
As for staffing the account, again they should work closely with client management to determine if there are any existing officers they would like to retain at the facility. Once that is determined, they can interview the officers and make certain that they will be willing to conform to your new company’s high standards. At that point they would be hired, and re-trained prior to security services commencing.
All shifts not being filled by existing personnel can be given to the new security company’s own experienced officers. They would then be trained on the procedures at their specific site. Again, by having a number of officers on call, security professionals are able to provide their clients with the service they require on short notice.
Experienced security companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast provide a variety of reports, depending on what is required at a specific facility. The most commonly used are Incident Reports, Daily Activity Reports, Visitor Logs,  etc. All of the reports can be customised for your facility if required.

Random Drug And Alcohol Testing

Workplace implementation

Employee drug testing is a major part of a drug-free work environment. In addition, employee drug testing can save a company thousands of dollars in sick days, worker’s compensation claims and unemployment benefits. Post-hire employee drug testing can be implemented by a qualified and trusted security company in Brisbane and is a good start for insuring a drug-free workplace.

It is extremely important that employers have a drug and alcohol policy in place and this must be made available to all employees and subcontractors at the workplace it must be clearly defined and each employee or subcontractor sign a compliance form. These days we find that most large companies have there own policies in place which clearly outline the guidelines, procedures and actions. Pre-employment testing is another area in which we can assist.

Rapid 6 Drug Urine Test Cassette

The first type of drug testing is a urine screen and is also known as a urinalysis. This procedure requires the person to provide a urine sample. After the sample has been provided, a test via a drug urine test cassette may be used on-site to detect results immediately or the sample may be sent away to have a series of tests performed on it. Most Security companies use the Microcheck rapid 6 cassette which meet Australian standards cut off levels. in accordance “AS 4308 Procedures for the collection, detection and quantitative of drugs abuse in urine”

Secure Drug Testing Services
Employee Drug Testing

Breath Testing Services

Random Alcohol Testing

Many employers require alcohol testing as a part of the pre-employment screening process. The employer will generally pay for such testing and may refuse to hire an individual based on the test results.

Other reasons for breath analysis testing are.

  • As part of Random testing procedures
  • After an onsite incident
  • If circumstances make it reasonable for a test to occur. For example. A person acting out of character slurring speech or unable to drive plant or machinery due to an altered state.

Testing is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3547 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices For Personal Use

Hiring Security Guards

Security Guard Hire

More and more business owners are looking to hire security guards to protect their place of business and employees. There are many more small business owners finding themselves in situations where they simply cannot afford not to hire security services. Security companies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast can provide you with security patrol services on a regular or casual basis. You will need to think about your business requirements before you contact a firm so it’s best to make notes of your needs and the situation so that you can get an accurate quote for security services.


What Level Of Protection Do You Need?

The first step is to set up your goals. Think about it first, why does your company needs to hire security guards. Your goals depend on your individual business structure. Below you can see some common types of businesses or organisations and what they might need a security company for.

Mobile Security Guard

The Need To Hire A Security Guard

  1. Retails shops or stores need to hire security guards in order to protect their property and products from theft. So shops need loss preventions services and they need guards experienced in loss prevention.
  2. Shopping centres need security staff for protection against theft, vandalism and graffiti and also for money transfers to and from the bank.
  3. Small business owners may need to hire security guards for property protection, theft prevention and escorting employees at closing time.
  4. Schools and universities often hire guards for events, functions, school parties, for the safety of students and staff and to protect the property against theft and vandalism.
  5. Banks need extra security guards for money transfers to and from the bank.
  6. Other places where security officers could be required are factories, small building firms, detention centres, prisons, small groups of shops, popular party areas and street protests.

Armed Security Officers

Armed Security Guards

Armed security personnel work for companies such as Armaguard and are mainly responsible for transferring money from one location to another. These trained professionals are also known as cash in transit security guards because they transfer money from or to the bank. Other places where armed security officers work are government buildings, the defence department, money exchanges, high profile business meetings, head of state events such as the G20 summit, jewellery shops, retail stores, and credit lending institutions. The list will continue to grow.

Armed Security Officers

Armed security guards also work in conjunction with police at major events or at times of heightened security risks. The security officers usually work in a group of two or more when transferring money from one point to another. They are fully licensed and very well trained in handling firearms. Many experienced officers move on to become personal bodyguards for famous people and wealthy business men for prestige and large increases in salary.