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More and more business owners are looking to hire security guards to protect their place of business and employees. There are many more small business owners finding themselves in situations where they simply cannot afford not to hire security services. Security companies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast can provide you with security patrol services on a regular or casual basis. You will need to think about your business requirements before you contact a firm so it’s best to make notes of your needs and the situation so that you can get an accurate quote for security services. Websites don’t tell the whole story but if a security company has a corporate video then you can get an insite into the type of people that work for the company.


What Level Of Protection Do You Need?

The first step is to set up your goals. Think about it first, why does your company needs to hire security guards. Your goals depend on your individual business structure. Below you can see some common types of businesses or organisations and what they might need a security company for.

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The Need To Hire A Security Guard

  1. Retails shops or stores need to hire security guards in order to protect their property and products from theft. So shops need loss prevention services and they need guards experienced in loss prevention.
  2. Shopping centres need security staff for protection against theft, vandalism and graffiti and also for money transfers to and from the bank.
  3. Small business owners may need to hire security guards for property protection, theft prevention and escorting employees at closing time.
  4. Schools and universities often hire guards for events, functions, school parties, for the safety of students and staff and to protect the property against theft and vandalism.
  5. Banks need extra security guards for money transfers to and from the bank.
  6. Other places where security officers could be required are factories, small building firms, detention centres, prisons, small groups of shops, popular party areas and street protests.

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