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Managing Gold Coast Security Guards

Gold Coast Security Guards Managing security guards on the Gold Coast can be a daunting task both for the security company and the work site personal. But if prepared, these tasks can be fairly straight forward. When you need to manage security guards, you need to have a site supervisor or a senior security officer who will have the responsibility to organise the Gold Coast based security officers and security guards. The first question that arises is, do you have in-house security or is your security managed by a subcontracted Gold Coast security company? If you have in-house security, you might need to choose an in-house security officer or security supervisor to manage all the security guards.


If it is subcontracted you can leave it up to the security company to have their own supervisor manage the security guards. When you assign managing duties to a security supervisor, senior security officer or senior security guard, you need to make sure that this person has high level of communication skills needed to communicate with the team of security guards. Keep in mind that the senior security guard or supervisor is there to manage the duties for all security officers and keep them together as a team and they should have a good knowledge of the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.


Security Patrols & Alarm Monitoring

Patrols and alarm monitoring services are ideal for business owners that want to protect valuables and cash kept on the premises overnight.
Maybe your company is a bar or restaurant or a Custom Jewellery Store that wants to protect your valuable pieces outside of business hours. Patrols can be a very effective deterrent for criminals and vandals. Alarm monitoring by a private security firm can result in first responders reacting and reaching your premises much faster than law enforcement officers and getting the situation under control.

Choosing an in-house manager or a Gold Coast security company?

In this article we are going to discuss how to manage the security guards after you choose a suitable security company.

You need to complete the following check list while managing security guards

  1. You need to have a security manager onsite or offsite who will overlook all the tasks performed by senior security guards and security officers.
  2. You need to have senior security guard or supervisor for each site in order to manage all the security officers at each site.
  3. You need to access your requirements and find out how many security guards you need each shift day or night. For example if you need to cover 5 work sites 24-7 and you need 2 security guards for each shift at each site. Then you would need at least 30 security guards on permanent basis and couple of casual security guards to cover the shifts when permanent security guards are on their day off.
  4. Each security guard will require a radio, torch, equipment belt, first aid kit etc. So you need to organise all this equipment.
  5. You might need a security patrol vehicle if the area needs to be patrolled by a vehicle at regular intervals.
  6. You would need to have a list  of duties to be performed by each security officer in a printed and electronic format.
  7. You also need to organise the uniforms, hats, shoes, caps and safety vests for all the security guards.
  8. You need to have counter disaster measures in place in case of emergency.
  9. Every work site should have a trained security guard or security officer to respond to fire alarms, security alarms etc.
  10. One of the security guards or security officers need to have experience dealing with Alarm Panels and to provide training to other security officers.
  11. Security manager or site supervisor needs to have a background in police or public services and need to have experience in liaising with the police and compiling security reports for court procedures.
  12. Is the business premises and surrounding estate covering a large area of land that needs to be monitored and patrolled? If so then consider hiring canine support and choose which security dogs will meet your requirements. Guard dogs, attack dogs or watch dogs? For more information check out  this Gold Coast security dogs and guards website. This security company is based in Queensland and they also cover Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan.

These are just couple of good pointers but probably enough to help you make the right choice for your business security needs on the Gold Coast of Australia. You can post comments if you have more suggestions regarding the management of security personnel.


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