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Employee drug testing is a major part of a drug-free work environment. In addition, employee drug testing can save a company thousands of dollars in sick days, worker’s compensation claims and unemployment benefits. Post-hire employee drug testing can be implemented by a qualified and trusted security company in Brisbane and is a good start for insuring a drug-free workplace.

It is extremely important that employers have a drug and alcohol policy in place and this must be made available to all employees and subcontractors at the workplace it must be clearly defined and each employee or subcontractor sign a compliance form. These days we find that most large companies have there own policies in place which clearly outline the guidelines, procedures and actions. Pre-employment testing is another area in which we can assist.

Rapid 6 Drug Urine Test Cassette

The first type of drug testing is a urine screen and is also known as a urinalysis. This procedure requires the person to provide a urine sample. After the sample has been provided, a test via a drug urine test cassette may be used on-site to detect results immediately or the sample may be sent away to have a series of tests performed on it. Most Security companies use the Microcheck rapid 6 cassette which meet Australian standards cut off levels. in accordance “AS 4308 Procedures for the collection, detection and quantitative of drugs abuse in urine”

Secure Drug Testing Services

Employee Drug Testing

Breath Testing Services

Random Alcohol Testing

Many employers require alcohol testing as a part of the pre-employment screening process. The employer will generally pay for such testing and may refuse to hire an individual based on the test results.

Other reasons for breath analysis testing are.

  • As part of Random testing procedures
  • After an onsite incident
  • If circumstances make it reasonable for a test to occur. For example. A person acting out of character slurring speech or unable to drive plant or machinery due to an altered state.

Testing is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3547 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices For Personal Use

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